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Who We Are
Marlborough Martial Arts and Karate Center is located in Marlborough, Ct. and offers fun and convenient Karate classes for all ages
Students training with us love the positive family training atmosphere. Students learn a blend of Karate including 
Kung- Fu, Karate and  Mixed Martial Arts.

Each class is high energy and exciting, designed to keep students engaged and having fun. Whether you're 4 or 40, you are sure to learn something new and be engaged while participating.

Our passion is to ensure you leave with a positive experience and receive quality instruction in self-defense, fitness, and a positive lifestyle

Owner and Master Instructor at
Marlborough Martial Arts in Marlborough, Ct. 860-295-7448

Meet Frank Corbo

Marlborough Martial Arts and Karate Classes For Kids, Teens and Adults

Marlborough Martial Arts in Marlborough, Ct.

UNLIMITED Group Classes For 2 Weeks and A Karate Uniform --- ONLY $35

Grand Master Corbo has been studying the Martial Arts since early childhood. He has studied many styles of Martial Arts during his more than 55 years of training, the emphasis has always been on the integration of Martial Art’s. Grand Master Corbo says 
The principals of all Martial Arts are contained in his Integrated Martial Art’s System. Everything that is useful can be taught through Integrated Martial Arts
Grand Master Corbo opened Marlborough Martial Arts in 1991 after teaching throughout the state for many years. During that time Frank has worked with thousands of students and many Black Belts  who now teach others in
their own dojo's. 
Grand Master Corbo has won numerous competitive awards in both Fighting and Weapons competition. In 1987 Frank won the International Karate Championships and in 1990 he was ranked as one of the top ten Martial Arts competitors; making him exceptionally qualified in all areas of training.